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   Companies exporting of Bolivia

Anatina Toys

- Travel Friend - Airplane
- Travel Friend - Locomotive
- Bunny to Wear
- Frog to Wear
- Ferdinaldo Horse
- Blanco Ball
- Playful Mice
- ABC Saurian
- The Salesclerk
- Running Beetle


Are the products of AnatinaToys which have different certifications. These are: ASTM F-963, 2010 U.S. CPSIA, EN 71 for Europe and Canada CHPTR 2010.





  • Sweet Red Pepper (200g)
  • Sweet Yellow Pepper (200g)
  • Purple Api (Soft Drink made out of ground purple corn) (200g)
  • Yellow Api (Soft Drink made out of ground yellow corn) (200g)
  • Amaranth Api (Soft Drink made out of ground amaranth) (200g)
  • Tojori (Soft Drink made out of yellow corn) (250g)
  • Amaranth Nougat (30g)
  • Toasted Amaranth (100g)
  • Amaranth Soft Drink (100g)
  • Amaranth Cookies (40g)


  • Variety of Amaranth grains (Quintals)
  • Red and Yellow Pepper pods (Quintals)
  • Peanuts (Quintals)
  • Corn grains (Quintals)


  • All products have Sanitary Registration by SENASAG and GMP by IBNORCA.
  • Winners in several opportunities in agribusiness events, producing the best pepper and best presentation of processed products.



- machine-knitted sweaters for women in different designs
- machine-knitted sweaters man in different designs
- machine-woven jackets for women and men in different designs
- scarves, hats and gloves woven machine for lady and men in different designs
- Ruanas machine and loom woven in different designs for women


Gladymar Ceramic S.A.

Glazed floor
Ceramic coating
Decorative listel


GLADYMAR products are manufactured under the following standards: ISO 9001-2008 and apply technical standards NBR ISO 10545 and 13 006


Sugar Industrial Company - San Aurelio S.A.

Standard sugar
White sugar
White Sugar of Refinery
Refined Sugar
Crude Sugar


The quality of the products "San Aurelio" is reflected in the prestigious awards received at national and international level.
Also, the tenacious work of its founder, Ramón Darío Gutiérrez Jiménez has been recognized with the highest Bolivian distinction: The Andean Condor.
The Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Services of Santa Cruz, granted in the year 2003 a special recognition for the continued participation during 52 years as an associated partner.


Valley Natural Cosmetics - CosNatVal

- FORESTA Natural soap with Cusi Oil and Brazil Nuts Oil from BioTrade.
- FORESTA Natural Face & Body Lotion with Cusi Oil, Brazil Nuts Oil and Cupuazu.
- Body modeling Pack. Reducer, Anti-cellulite and firming.
- MEDIGEL, ultrasound gel
- MEDICLEAN, medical hand disinfectant with Triclosan. Lotion, Gel and Liquid soap.
- Termic and Criogenic Gel for Physiotherapy
- Hair Straightener for professional use with Organic Chocolate and Cupuazu.
- Shampoo and Conditioner with Cusi Oil from Biotrade
- Hair Treatment pack for dry hair and pH4
- Hotel amenities: Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel and Lotion


Noemi Cosmetic


- Nourishing cream of the Amazon cupuacu wrinkle
- Cream of parsley and almonds clean stains
Amazon - Cream of parsley and aloe anti-acne
- Whitening cream honey and propolis double action
- Tonicap of totai, nice and almonds
- Since
- Shampoo aloe & vitamins natural
- Natural Shampoo Almond & Chamomile
- Shampoo bay, nettle and horsetail
- Nettle Shampoo


Crocoland S.R.L.

- Tanned skins in crust and finished in different colors.
- Different models of belts for men and women.
- Wallets for men and women.


We work under the CITES certification.


Hurtado Furniture Industry Ltd.

  • Sets bedrooms
  • Corner sectional sofa
  • Living branch
  • sofa 3, 2 and 1 bodies
  • cabinet tv
  • Base cabinet
  • rectangular dining table


Fine Oil Industries S.A.

- Fino Light
- Fino Vitamins
- Karina Fat
- Regia Margarine
- Regia Light Margarine


- Certification ISO 9001
- Certification IBNORCA
- Certification LRQA
- Planta Don Felipe
- Certification LRQA
- Planta Cochabamba 2002


GUABIRA Sugar Refinery S.A.

- White Sugar (Refined, Extra fine, Special)
- Raw Sugar
- Alcohols (Fuel, Industrial and Neutral)
- Rum (Kayana Gold and Kayana Guabirá)
- Honey and Molasses
- Dry Yeast
- Fertilizer (Bio-Fertilizer)
- Hydrolyzed Bagazo


- ISO 9.001, Systemic Quality Management
- IBNORCA, Product Quality
- Integral Risk Management, Zurich Group
- Kosher


Roberto Barbery Paz Sugar Refinery

- Refined white sugar. (Qualities 45, 60 and 80 ICUMSA)
- Raw sugar
- Ethyl Alcohol 96 G.L.


- ISO 9001:2000
We certify the “Input material, products in process and finished products (sugar and alcohol) quality control process under the Norm ISO 9001:2008"

- Certification process of PRODUCT SEAL (IBNORCA)
Product seal (refined sugar and raw sugar) in stage of certification. A certification audit took place between September 7 and 9, 2009 with optimal results.

In the stage of implementation of two systems: “Food innocuousness management systems, under the norm NB-ISO 22000 and the safety and occupational health management system, under the Norm NB/OHSAS 18001".


Hahnemann Laboratories

Echinacea complex (tablets, drops, spray)
Laxan forte (tablets)
Maca real (tablets)
Renolit forte (tablets)
Sedativol (tablets, drops)
Siluetin (tablets, drops, gel)
Sweet & slim (tablets, drops, envelopes)
Total digest (tablets, drops)
Uña de gato (tablets)


G.M.P. Certificate (Best Practices for Medicinal Products)
F.D.A. Registration Certificate (Food and Drug Administration)
Germany IMO Certified Organic
Obtained Awards
International Trophy to business excellence
Dimploma recognizing the Bolivian Homeopathic Association
World Business Leader
World Leader Businessperson


Mother Earth Amazon S.R.L.

Cupuazu Pulp
Acai Pulp
Cayu Pulp
Carambola Pulp
Sinini Pulp
Cupuazu Butter
Amazon Nut Oil
Majo Oil
Royal Palm Oil
Loro Chonta Butter


- Organic Label and IBD EcoSocial for U.S., U.S. and BR markets.
- Health Record SENASAG
- Register Phytosanitary SENASAG



  • Soya meat
  • Soy Beef with Quinoa
  • Andean soup soy bean, Soya Soya with Quinoa and Maca
  • Soy Deli Burgers Burger steak flavor, natural and ham
  • Soy Café (Soy Coffee)
  • Abuelazo
  • Vital mother
  • Multivitamin
  • Forte Fiber
  • Omegas
  • Pro Calcium
  • Mega Protein
  • Food Bank


Understanding the importance of quality, our company has made ​​the decision to improve our services by implementing the Integrated Management System: Quality (ISO-9001), Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) and Environment (ISO 14001), which allows us to meet the demands of customers, providing safe environments and safeguard the environment in all production processes at our disposal.


Naturalcos S.A.

- Maca Spirit bottle of 150 capsules
- Maca Spirit in tablets of 90 and 180 per bottle
- Maca Forte bottle of 70 Capsules of 500 mg.
- Stevia Spirit bottle of 20 ml.
- Cats Claw Spirit bottle of 70 caspules of 500 mg.
- Milk Shake Andean Grain Box of 10 Envelopes (Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate), made with quinoa, amaranth, and maca cañawa.


- Organic Production Certificate (Bio Latina), in three areas: Agricultural Production, Processing and Marketing.
- Registration in SENASAG as Agricultural producer and transformer.



- Special Shampoo
- Star 3 in 1 Shampoo
- Shampoo and cream to prevent hair loss
- Star Lotion
recover the lost hair - Special Cream
- Cream for Dry Hair, Healing and Disposal of Estate Caspa
- Wrinkle Cream Sunscreen
- Dandruff Cream
- Moisturizing Cream for Dry Hair
- Moisturizing Cream for Dry & Damaged


Permit No. 010 SEATS
Ministry of Health Registration No. 204772
SOBOMETRA Registration No. 061


Pentart - Art in wood


- Wooden miniature hydraulic excavator (Ingenio Mania)
- Decorative turntable for table centre
- Chess craft lined in leather
- Decorative (wood) resin jewelry boxes


Pereotó Cabos

- Knives Collection
- Dagger mount and collection
- Set of grill cutlery
- Paper cut, kitchen and various


All the products have property registration and invent rights


Natural Products on the stone

Amaranth, quinoa, tarwi, oats, maca Cookies.
Amaranth and quinoa cereal.
Refreshments amaranth, soy.
Energy products.
Dietary products.
Products for athletes in general.
Products for people with diabetes.


Amazon Almond Roxana Shampoo

- Almond Shampoo with Chamomile 600ml
- Almond Shampoo with Aloe Vera 600ml
- Amazon Almond or Chestnut Conditioner 600ml


- Sanitary Registration No. 236
- ‘Made in Bolivia’ certification
- "BioTrade - native products of Bolivia" quality stamp


Sumar Ltda.

Dark chocolate
Semi dark chocolate
Classic chocolate
Husk of the cocoa pit



  • Furniture
  • Crafts
  • Construction and Decoration
  • Training in silvicultural management and product development