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Profile of Hahnemann Laboratories


Main Products

Laboratorios Hahnemann
Laboratorios Hahnemann
Laboratorios Hahnemann
Laboratorios Hahnemann
Laboratorios Hahnemann
Laboratorios Hahnemann
Laboratorios Hahnemann
Echinacea complex (tablets, drops, spray)
Laxan forte (tablets)
Maca real (tablets)
Renolit forte (tablets)
Sedativol (tablets, drops)
Siluetin (tablets, drops, gel)
Sweet & slim (tablets, drops, envelopes)
Total digest (tablets, drops)
Uña de gato (tablets)


Specialty pharmaceutical company founded by brothers Gumucio in 1988, focuses its activities of production and distribution of natural and homeopathic medicines, the extensive experience turns LABORATRIOS Hahnemann in a pioneer company and a leader with a large volume of products developed from raw materials natural.

It manages three lines chemical, natural and homeopathic.
It has two industrial laboratories, one in the city of La Paz where we manage natural and homeopathic lines and other in the city of El Alto where we prepare the chemical line.

Export Destination

Currently we export very little to France, Germany (Maca Real).

Production Capacity

For now the volumes that we work of our main products are more than 10,000 boxes each month. Coming soon (August 2011) we will be producing larger amounts, up to 100,000 boxes per month, because we will get an automatic and high equipment.


Coming soon in March 2011 we will have a laboratory in the city of El Alto, where our production and processing of other products will be higher, because we have automatic equipment and high rotation besides this is in the final stage of GMP o Good Manufacturing Practices.

Company Size

Hahnemann Laboratories has 14 people who form the executive and administrative staff and 60 workers.


G.M.P. Certificate (Best Practices for Medicinal Products)
F.D.A. Registration Certificate (Food and Drug Administration)
Germany IMO Certified Organic
Obtained Awards
International Trophy to business excellence
Dimploma recognizing the Bolivian Homeopathic Association
World Business Leader
World Leader Businessperson