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Pereotó Cabos
Pereotó Cabos
Pereotó Cabos
- Knives Collection
- Dagger mount and collection
- Set of grill cutlery
- Paper cut, kitchen and various


Pereotó Cabos Company manufactures handles or ropes craft for knives, daggers, barbecue cutlery, etc. It was founded in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia on January 2007 by the craftsman and businessman Percy Egüez Rivero, who personally manufactures these products using traditional methods, achieving original parts.

These handicrafts made with extracted materials from nature (woods, horns, bones) are special for collection, for use in the grill, for hunters, fishermen, special gifts, business gifts, and other times where is necessary to give a good impression.


Pereotó Cabos is constantly innovating new models, making original pieces, unique, in any case the same products, making them increasingly exclusive and the most beautiful art.

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All the products have property registration and invent rights