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"Asovita pioneer company in the production and marketing of products based on healthy amaranth, peanuts, corn and pepper"

Profile of Asovita


Main Products



  • Sweet Red Pepper (200g)
  • Sweet Yellow Pepper (200g)
  • Purple Api (Soft Drink made out of ground purple corn) (200g)
  • Yellow Api (Soft Drink made out of ground yellow corn) (200g)
  • Amaranth Api (Soft Drink made out of ground amaranth) (200g)
  • Tojori (Soft Drink made out of yellow corn) (250g)
  • Amaranth Nougat (30g)
  • Toasted Amaranth (100g)
  • Amaranth Soft Drink (100g)
  • Amaranth Cookies (40g)


  • Variety of Amaranth grains (Quintals)
  • Red and Yellow Pepper pods (Quintals)
  • Peanuts (Quintals)
  • Corn grains (Quintals)



ASOVITA, is an association of rural producers conformed by 4 producers associations of pepper, peanuts, amaranth and corn of the municipalities of Alcalá, Sopachuy, Villar and Tarvita in the Department of Chuquisaca.

Founded on October 5th 2004, and entered the market with high processed quality products with added value in 2005, thanks to the technical support of ACLO Foundation and, currently the NGO, Credi Futuro.

Currently ASOVITA brand is positioned in the local market, by providing school breakfast to different municipalities of the Department, among their objectives is to consolidate in the national markets with the commitment of providing natural products to our customers, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals directly from the producer to the consumer.


Export Destination


Production Capacity


Monthly production capacity

  • Red and yellow pepper: 4.000 bags/month
  • Purple and yellow Api: 8.000 bags/month
  • Tojorí: 2.000 bags/month
  • Amaranth Nougat: 4.000 bags/month
  • Amaranth Cookies: 10.000 bags/month
  • Toasted Amaranth: 300 bags/month
  • Amaranth Soft Drink: 500 kls/month


  • Currently, ASOVITA has 4 processing plants certified by SENESAG, with machinery and equipment capable of satisfying the national market.
  • Use of appropriate packaging for food products.
  • Constant innovation in new product lines, made from quinoa, maca, sesame and oats.

Company Size

The staff working in the area of production, management and sales are 10 direct workers and 5 indirect workers. Of which 30% are women and 70% were men.


  • All products have Sanitary Registration by SENASAG and GMP by IBNORCA.
  • Winners in several opportunities in agribusiness events, producing the best pepper and best presentation of processed products.